We can accommodate lessons
of up to 45 students
upon advanced reservation.

Cooking School Going to Battambang Market
Trip to the local market with Toot

A cooking class with Mrs Nary

A cooking class with Mr Ro


Our original khmer cooking school proposes classes of traditional Cambodian dishes twice daily monday to Sunday:

Price is $15 per person for a 4 course meal including a desert.

The lesson by Mrs Nary will start with a guided trip to the local market with Toot, Nary's husband where you will be taught how to choose your traditional organic elements.

Classes are in English and French and are very fun while very professional and instructive.

And of course you get to eat what you've cooked, so pay attention to Nary's instructions!

We've had many good reviews on the internet and you could search for "Nary Kitchen" in Tripadvisor website to read what our participants have to say about us.

          Choice of recipes for lessons: 

1/ Fish Amok / Tofu / Chicken / Mushroom.
2/ Fresh Spring Rolls (veggie).
3/ Red Curry (Chicken / Beef / Tofu / Pork).
4/ Beef Lok Lak (Chicken / Tofu / Pork / Mushroom).
5/ Green Curry (Chicken / Beef / Tofu / Pork).
6/ Fry Spring Rolls/Vegie.
7/ Green Mango Salad/shrimps/Vegie.
8/ Cambodia Sour Soup with Fish / Chicken / Pork.
9/ Stir-fry Mixed Vegetable.
10/ Dessert (Banana+Tapioka+Coonut milk).

***Vegetarian and Vegan Available.